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Ski Goggles 100% UV400 Protection Snow Goggles for Men


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Item NO.: Ski-Goggles-UV400-555
Price: $120.00$38.00

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Ski goggles with 100% UV protection index of up to 400, it filters UV rays and glare 

to protect against damage to the cornea and retina.
TPU frame:Thermoplastic Polyurethane Environmentally friendly, wear resistant, aging 
resistant, oil resistant, water resistant, and mold resistant. High hardness, strong 
load carrying capacity, outstanding impact resistance and shock absorption. Features: 
Its material has excellent flexibility, can be kneaded freely, not easy to deform or 
break, to ensure that the mirror will not cause damage to the eye when it is impacted.
Double-layer cotton, hot-pressed cotton (multi-layer or single-layer) Features: 
High-density sponge has good ventilation effect, generous appearance and close to the 
face. Its soft, delicate material does not give any discomfort to the face; its 
breathable function allows the heat from the facial skin to be dissipated outside the 
mirror to ensure a good visual effect on the mirror.
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